News: building materials and furniture plate is active up 18% Xiaoge shares, haolaike limit

In the morning of August 4, the building materials and furniture sector was active. As of 11:00 a.m., its collective rise was 1.8% in the full day schedule of Dafa Kuai, which was the front line of the growth list of Da Lingqiao (zoqing 601519, diagnosis stock) plate, In addition, shares of Henglin (zoqing 603661, diagnosis shares) (6.95%), Yongyi shares (zoqing 603600, diagnosis shares) (6.78%) and Daya Shengxiang (walking 000910, diagnosis shares) (5.65%) also increased by more than 5%.

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% 26ensp;% 26ensp;% 26ensp;% 26ensp;% 26ensp; Western securities (zoqing 002673, diagnosis shares) showed that the recent real estate sales resilience has not decreased, which has laid a remarkable foundation for the subsequent household consumption inflammation. It is expected that the furniture market retail end will continue to maintain a peaceful growth trend in August, and the building materials and furniture sector is expected to gradually realize valuation repair. Recommended attention: 1. Customized home furnishing leaders with high-quality channel foundation and brand popularity, such as opal home (zoqing 603833, diagnosis unit), Sofia (zoqing 002572, diagnosis unit), and tooling home furnishing companies directly approved to be better than the recovery after work, such as Jiangshan oupai (zoqing 603208, diagnosis unit), Zhibang home (zoqing 603801, 2. Flexible home furnishing leaders with outstanding online channel organization and strong performance certainty in the first half of the year, such as Gu Jia home (zoqing 603816, diagnosis unit).

(editor Zhang Wei)


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